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Anxiety About Visa and Flight(s)

I'm going to be an au pair for a family in Switzerland. The date I plan to depart is May 30th (the end of this month). It's been 3 weeks since I sent my visa application, and I'm still waiting to get it.

I'm in a bit of a stump. You see, when I filled out my visa application, one section asked me of any other places (flight-wise) that I'd be stopping at. I put London-Heathrow (presuming/planning to do that). I've been looking periodically on Expedia for flights. Though I can just afford the flight(s) that stop at Heathrow before getting to Geneva's airport--there is another flight that stops in Copenhagen, Denmark, which costs nearly half of that of the Heathrow one. I want to find out if I would be wrong to take the Copenhagen one (for the sake of having to spend less, just in case) despite having written Heathrow on the application.

I sent e-mails to the valid departments of the General Swiss Consulate today to inquire about that. I wish I had thought to mention that on Friday when I called the Consulate. I called to mention that my host family got my permit from the Swiss authorities (and they said I'd be good to book my flight) but that I have yet to get my visa in the post. The Consulate said I would be safe to book my flight now and that if I don't get my visa by next week to call them. They also asked if I could ask my host family for a PDF (or something of that nature) to have as (I'm presuming) a copy/proof and have them send it to me. I e-mailed my host mother yesterday and am waiting to hear back from her; she will be back from holiday on Monday (but did say she'd have access to her e-mail--I think--through her husband's phone or something).

In short, I have quite a bit of things to consider. I don't want to do the wrong thing/end up getting busted for going with a different flight/stopping point--on the way to my planned destination--than I had written on my application. Should I just go through with booking a flight that stops in London, since I put it down on paper? Or should I consider the other factors/possibilities? I didn't mention the Denmark option to the Consulate, but I did get the "okay" (for booking) from my host family, the Consulate, and one of my closest friends (who has some insight).

Any insight/advice is appreciated.
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